IMA Inc Proudly Presented LoveCats!

1.    Ananya Mai    LoveCats Eternal outfit red
2.    Blair leifstrom    – LoveCats Criminal Outfit
3.    cara Vespucciano    LoveCats Charm
4.    Chelle Hawker    LoveCats  allure outfit teal
5.    CJ Grantham    LoveCats Threat mens
6.    Furry Fizgig    LoveCats Threat
7.    Jessica Marville    LoveCats mai- in purple
8.    Rex Requiem     LoveCats  Defiance
9.    Sophitia Ophelia    LoveCats Mystik
10.    trinity Graves    LoveCats Flutterbye fae
11.    Ananya Mai    LoveCats Pyro
12.    Blair leifstrom    LoveCats Defiance
13.    cara Vespucciano    LoveCats coming up roses
14.    Chelle Hawker    loveCats anastasia outfit
15.    CJ Grantham    LoveCats Wanted Mens
16.    Furry Fizgig    LoveCats Black widow
17.    Jessica Marville    LoveCats Metro – black
18    Rex Requiem     LoveCats Belted
19.    Sophitia Ophelia    LoveCats Hopelessly Devoted
20.    trinity Graves    LoveCats frostbite
21.    Ananya Mai    LoveCats Fallen outfit
22.    Blair leifstrom    LoveCats Reaction
23.    cara Vespucciano    LoveCats Stardust outfit Kitty
24.    Chelle Hawker    LoveCats Wild Outfit
25.    CJ Grantham    LoveCats Dark Prince
26.    Furry Fizgig    LoveCats assassin
27.    Jessica Marville    LoveCats kisu – turqoiuse
28.    Rex Requiem     LoveCats Metro
29.    Sophitia Ophelia    LoveCats Hellcat
30    trinity Graves    LoveCats Nisha blue

Date: Saturday, 27 August 2011 8pmslt

Show Producer: Ananya Mai and Taellinu Aichi

LoveCats by LC (lovecat.thei)

Host: Taellinu Aichi

Flyer Graphic design: blackLiquid Tokyoska

Music: DJ Eduardo Hyx

Machinimist: CoMa (colemarie.soleil)

Show Photographer: Anabella Ravinelli

Poses sponsored by Avante Poses


Ananya Mai

Blair leifstrom

cara Vespucciano

Chelle Hawker

CJ Grantham

Furry Fizgig

Jessica Marville

Rex Requiem

Sophitia Ophelia

trinity Graves