Vita’s Window in World – Huge Success!

Hello everyone, I pasted the script below so you can have a little read.  IMA did extremely well!  We had a huge turn out with just over 70 people in attendance!  Thank you to all the wonderful staff and models that took part in this production!


Ananya Mai



Good afternoon everyone. You all look so lovely and glamorous out there. We are just about to start however while we wait, we ask that you remove your AOs and huds and try to reduce your arc to as low as possible so you may enjoy this show in comfort and to also assist our models. We thank you for your cooperation.
My name is Preciouss, Director of IMA and I will be your announcer for today.  Boudoir and IMA extends a warm welcome to everyone here and is honored to present this show to you all today.  It gives us much joy that you are all here today.  Our wonderful sponsors for the evening are  Redgrave, [!SyDS! Hair] and Morantique.  The lovely tunes will be provided by our DJ Clark Mactavish.

As you are all aware we are here to witness some of the incredible pieces of Boudoir. While the label Boudoir needs no introduction, its worth while to talk about how SL has been graced with their content contribution.

In the lag free world Boudoir was founded in September 2001, the uniquely creative sisters Morana Saračević and Martina Čičko-Karapetrić became pioneers of the Croatian fashion scene, which has recently been attracting ever increasing attention of the wider public and the media. Their unique fashion signature of interweaving fabrics and an original play of volume have made them the most recognizable fashion brand in the country.

In the virtual realm Boudoir celebrated its first year anniversary in world on the 10th October 2010 and has produced some of the amazing gowns in SL. Boudoir produces more than beautiful gowns I might add. They produce sophistifaction with the essence of mystery, fantasy and intrigue which leaves us all wanting more.

I should also point out that I too am wearing a Boudoir design called Esibelle. Without further adieu, lets bring out our IMA models and prepared to be dazzled by this larger than life show. We now present a glimpse into Boudoir’s “Window in World”

Walk 1

Everyone, please help me welcome our first model Ananya Mai wearing Fashion revealed.

I should point out that all our models will be wearing the deadly but sensual Daylight Trinity domina skin sponsored by*REDGRAVE* and Opera without Music – Cafe hair sponsored by [!SyDS! Hair]. A further illustration of how adaptable Boudoir’s creations are in that all 20 outfits have been styled with the same skin and hair without the need of any gems.

Fashion Revealed is perfect for any of the events being held today being Halloween. the piece is fixed with incredible rare feathers and it’s source remains a secret.

If you look carefully you will note the sensual French lace on the bodice with the theme of the shoulder piece extending to the cheeky knee length skirt.

Thank you Ananya.


Walk 2

The runway is now graced with Ivery Silverfall wearing City Stripes Dress.

The City Stripes Dress is no stranger to the SL fashion world appearing on many blogs and sites. This gown feels like it has come out of a wardrobe of Sex in City. The dress can be styled in a variety of ways, for example, during the day, styled with a simple bolero jacket with leather flats, in the evening rip off that jacket and slip into some elegant sky high pumps.

The flirty skirt consist of several prims to play with and has just enough bounce and movement to keep you on your toes. The neutral colors are great to play with and you can add contrasting pieces it to make it work for you. This litte winner of the dress will have heads turning and fashionista’s wanting!

Thank you Ivery!


Walk 3

Please welcome Candylicious Forster showcasing Sweet Death.

Ohhlalala! This stand out piece is one to be reckoned with! Only in Boudoir can bones look this lovely. If you lose closely the bodice is like one with Candylicious’ skin. The outfit will take your through this Halloween season with this eye-beckoning piece. This outfit also comes with the bony matching gloves.

The incredible skirt consists of interlacing panels have been strategically placed resulting in an intriguing and stunning result. Only Boudoir could make death look as sexy as this.

Maybe sure you grab this deadly little number today.

Thank you Candy.


Walk 4

Introducing Heydon Milter wearing Sally Bowles dress.

This dress has been tirelessly crafted for your viewing pleasure. First we will look at the beautiful figure hugging lace bodice. The textures are incredibly detailed the luxurious ribbons of velvets pulls it in together with precision.

The full and fabulous knee length skirt is just screaming ‘look at me’ without compromising the natural movement. Sally Bowles dress is the perfect ensemble to any cocktail event.

Thank you Heydon


Walk 5

Ivery now returns to the runway wearing Emo.

This dress is just surreal. The lace bodice is skin tight in all the right places. The dress is of the highest caliber, with a unique taste as fresh as the air in the woods on a cold winters day.

The shoulders are covered with the same black intricate lace, woven into a magnificent spheres of wonder. These spheres of lace cage beautiful doves which leave remnants of lush soft feathers in the wind where ever Ivery walks. Truely a masterpiece to have and to hold.

Thank you Ivery.


Walk 6

Candylicious rejoins the runway showcasing Spider Web dress.

This gown is haute couture interpretation to Halloween attire. Th black corset is fitted with fierce bone structure which gives it a deadly and goth like aura.

Boudoir has injected “high couture” into this gown by adding an incredible shoulders piece consisting of lilac, purple and black roses and rosettes. The incredible jaw dropping full skirt is again panels and panels of incredible boudoir silk.

Completed by a matching hat, this number is sure to be a sizzling addition to any closet.

Thank you Candy.


Walk 7

Now we welcome Genevieve Kamala presents Armor Dress.

The dress just rawrrrs! Again another couture contribution. The armor has been processed and moved to the point of perfection. The bodice is the face of a fierce scull which dropped into the knee length skirt consisting of hundreds piece of armor.

The shoulder piece also handcrafted by incorporated the lush panels of armor with the steel roses. The matching hat softens the look by incorporating soft petals of blue.

Thank you Genevieve.


Walk 8

Now Ananya leads the way for the formal line of Boudoir.

Ananya is wearing Rainbow Flower dress and injecting some incredible vibrant color into this timeless world. The sweetheart bodice is jam packed with some of the most beautiful flowers known to man.

It would also seem that the banquet of beautiful poppies, roses, gerberas shown on the bodice have come to 3d life and proudly form part of the full lenght gown. Just utterly devine and a feast for your visual delights.

Thank you Ananya.


Walk 9

Heydon now returns to the runway in Nimphea dress.

Heydon is oh so very pretty in pink in this stand out design. The gorgeous neckline is perfectly shappedn and the bodice cuts in well showing off a sensual silhouette.

We love the cheeky mini skirt and the contrasting bustle floor length skirt. The matching headpiece completes this outfit. Heydon would be belle of any gala event in this fun yet seductive number.

Thank you Heydon.


Walk 10

Wow, Ivery is just glowing in this Gold Elisabeth gown.

This is surrealism personified. The out of this world full length skirt is shimmering with decadent lights and glow. It would appear Boudoir has hand selected the most beautiful stars in the night sky and brought them into this outfit. Boudoir has also incorporated a lovely light blue shards of pure luxury. Don’t you agree that they work wonderfully together?

The beautiful light blue is then channeled through the bodice and collar which ties it together perfectly. This is an explosion of dreamlike beauty and imagination.

This outfit comes with a short skirt option giving Ivery even more options to wears this outfit to just wow people.

Thank you Ivery.


Walk 11

Folllowing those stars left by Ivery is now Candylicious in Beautiful Mo.

While I watch Candylicious swing her way down the runway, I think of the song diamond are forever. This gown is filled with iridescent reflective panels. The incredible cascading skirt of diamond love is just incredible. What a gown!

This piece is pulled in tight with shades of beautiful pulled into the sleeve. Simply radiant. This is the epitome of Boudoir.

Definitely a shooting star so quickly make a wish!

Thank you Candy.


Walk 12

Now Genevieve returns to the runway in Calme Tristesse.

This daring black lace number is cut to accentuate the body and pulled in to show off a dazzling shape. This necklace drops oh so dangerously low and would indeed catch the eyes of Jennifer Lopez and the like. This plunging neckline is also provided on the back of the dress which will leave you memorized and longing for more.

The fluffy feathers used for the skirt adds the high fashion look and incredible shape. Gevevieve is fierce and elegant is this beautiful gown.

Thank you Gene.


Walk 13

Heydon is now showcasing Dirty faded couture .

This dress is a knock out design with Heydon is oh so very pretty in pink in this stand out design. The stunning neckline and corset pulled in tight.

Please note the incredible panels of white lace woven fiercely together on the skirt and then the cascading silks at the back of the gown. Please take the time to view the beautiful butterflies which accompany this gown where ever it goes

Surreal. Timeless. Boudoir

Thank you Heydon.


Walk 14

Hey there little Red Riding Hood…. ♫ You sure are looking good ♫ you’re everything a Big Bad Wolf could… ♫

Yes that’s right, Ananya returns in Little Black Riding Hood and I dare say, even a wolf wouldn’t want to test her looking so fierce.

Where to start, the dangerously sheer lace wrap around her chest, the stunning fabrics wrapped around her waist then dropping into a sensual garter! The mermaid skirt dropping from just about her knees exposing beautiful lace pants!

This outfit can be worn with or without the cape. Ananya is seriously a force to be reckoned with in this incredible sexy and memorable dress.

Thank you Ananya!


Walk 15

Ivery returns to our runway wearing Checkmath dress.

This gown consist of a beautiful black and white lace bodice and a perfectly cut sweetheart line. The black and white lace is then used throughout the skirt.

The skirt is also adorned by flowing soft white silk overlay with incredible movement. As you Ivery strides down the runway you will note that every piece of the garment fits perfectly together in complete harmony. Absolutely stunning dress.

Thank you Ivery.


Walk 16

Genevieve is now wearing Hommage noir couture.

Genevieve looks effectlessly beautiful in this incredible black number. The gorgeous black lace wraps tight around Genevieve’s waist.

The skirt is made of feathers, as delicate as lace which fall about Genevieve wonderfully as she glides down the runway.

This gown is just dazzling and can be worn at at gala event or show where.. you want to be the centre of attention.

Thank you Genevieve.


Walk 17

Heydon literally floats back to the runway in Black Angel Dress.

This breathtaking dress is one not meant to be forgotten. This dress has everything that dark but sexy dreams are made of. We have beautiful black soft silks incorporated throughout the skirt. We have beautiful dark wings and feathers of arched delights and plunging necklines.

Wear this gown with thigh high boots or even as Heydon has it, you just cant go wrong. High couture Angel…. is found right here.

If you go trick or treating with this gown… your treat may end up being… anything you want my darlings ♥

Thank you Heydon.


Walk 18

Ananya slides back unto the runway with Seductive Feathers.

I guess the name of the dress says it all and represents it name well. Take note of the beautiful draped silk on Ananya’s chest adorned with black gemmed pasties. The backless feature is sexy and you will find it hard to draw your eyes away from it. At the tail-bone a lovely satin ribbon has been placed to seal the backless look.

The incredible massive ostrich feathers have been placed into a beautiful shape around the cheeky silk ruffled shorts. Truly a magnificent design.

Thank you Ananya.


Walk 19

We are bring back some good old fashion Halloween Couture with Candylicoius in Bloody Mary Bridal Gown…

Sure Candylicious is a tad bloody, this gown has been hit with the High Fashion Stick.. Lets see, starting with the intricate silks, plunging neckline and matching headdress..

Go high fashion during you next Halloween event in this fabulous dress, steal looks and giggle at the Bloody Mary story.

Thank you Candy.


Walk 20

♫ Here comes the bride, all dressed in white ♪

Here with have Genevieve in the beautiful Annabelle Lee haunted dress. Genevieve is bewitching in this magnificent gown filled with lace chiffon. An elongated tail skimms magically along the runway.

Boudoir has long soft lace chiffons sleeves with adds to the softness of the softness of the dress. The matching headpiece again contains beautiful long pieces of silk which fall beautifully around Genevieve.

Thank you Gene.

Ladies and Gentleman that concludes the showcasing , lets bring out the models and staff to runway and show them our appreciation.

– Ananya Mai in Seductive Feathers  – Genevieve Kamala  in Annabelle Lee haunted dress   –  Heydon Milter in Black Angel dress  – Candylicious Forster in Beautiful Mo  – Elyna Carver one our our mannequins models wearing bad butterfly dress
– Fuzz Lennie another one of our beautiful mannequin models wearing Cole’s sun
– Ivery Silverfall – Checkmath Dress
–  Miria Moonbeam another stunning mannequin model wearing  Bodypaint boudoir

–  Scarlett Loxingly again another beautifful mannequin model wearing  Potpourri dress
– Cornelia Dyrssen our backstage assistant wearing  blue venus
– and finally myself Preciouss Metall wearing Esibelle  We were proud to have this opportunity to showcase the iconic designs of Vita’s Boudoir and we now ask the amazing Vitabela Dubrovna and  Precious Restless to grace our stage.

Thank you for providing us a glimpse into your Window In World.


Vita’s Window in World – 31 October 2010 2pmslt

Boudoir & International Model Agency
Offical Press Release

30 October 2010

PR CONTACT: Ananya Mai via NC only.

Boudoir and IMA proudly presents

“Vita’s Window in World” showcasing the illustrious designs of “Vita’s Boudoir”

When: Sunday, 31 October 2010 2pmslt

Boudoir and IMA is holding an exclusive event where we will be taking you through a journey through Vita’s “Window in World” which is filled with unparalleled beauty and high couture.

The custom made set will make you feel like you have enter space where “time” stands still, where you breath in beauty, high couture, and unmatched pixelated delights.

The architects of “Vita’s Boudoir”. Vita and Precious have done SL a marvelous thing by bringing in their real life passions and skills in the craft of high couture and glamor.

There are limited numbers left to view this incredible show, therefore should you wish to have a place among the beautiful distinguished guests, please contact Ananya Mai immediately.

Visit Vita’s Boudoir here:


International Modeling Agency (IMA), aim to provides a genuine alternative for truly innovative designers to present their work directly to the public and fashion industry. Our agency aims to assist and manage the PR & promotional needs of Second Life designers.