Press Release: IMA Inc Presents – Countdown- Boudoir Bedroom Soiree


PR Contact: Ananya Mai

Immediate Release

International Model Agency Inc invites you to its boudoir bedroom to unwind among the soft couture beauty of a diva bedroom furnished by Morantinque – Mo Miasma.  IMA Inc Models will literally manifest from the walls and from the wardrobes unveiling the exciting passionate designs of AntoniaXp architect of Countdown.  They will entice you all while sauntering  around the lush bedroom to showcase a mixture of lingerie, casual and formal wear by Countdown.

Elite SL Hair Creator Tabata Jewell of Vanity Hair will be styling the luscious locks of the infamous IMA Inc models and they will also be  sparkled with gems from Mandala.  This is a bedroom soiree not to be missed.

Please make sure you turn up early to reserve your seat on the bed :)

Date: Saturday, 22 October 2011

Time: 2pmslt



Hair: Vanity Hair

Jewelry: Mandala

Furnishing: Morantique


Ananya Mai

Eleya Kenin

Estela Serenity

Furry Fizgig

Katherine Comet

Mayumi Sugarplum

Nala Kurka

Tyra Eiren

Show Producers:  Ananya Mai and AntoniaXp Resident

Show graphic: Polisi Artis

Script writer: Raphael Treves

Host: Sheldon Kranfel

Show Producer: Ananya Mai

DJ:  Justice Topaz

International Model Agency Inc. IMA Inc.

Powered by Pasarella and Inworld Inc.

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IMA Summer Stretch


International Model Agency Inc. IMA Inc.

Powered by Pasarella and Inworld Inc.

Show Producer: Markski Glom

IMA Summer Stretch
I know everyone’s excited for fall and winter…but wait!
We’re gonna stretch summer for one last show before we all turn orange and yellowish.

IMA Presents…

You can’t miss this…
October 16 2011
4pm SLT

Photo by: Mikey Batriani

IMA Inc – Fall in the City with – Elan –



Donna Flora



Ananya Mai
Anna Sapphire
Hela Azalee
joselynI Ferber
helen Zhora
Seashell Dench

Host: Raphael Treves

Script writer: Raphael Treves

Show Producer: Ananya Mai

DJ: UncleSlappy Wylie

Show photographer: Anabella Ravinelli

International Model Agency Inc. IMA Inc.

Powered by Pasarella and Inworld Inc.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Pasarella the home of the International Modeling Agency and our fashion show “Fall in the City.”  Our show will start momentarily. The fashions featured today are from the very stylish fall collection of Elan. We ask that you find a seat. Also, so that our models and you can have the best experience possible, please detach all AO’s and unnecessary prims to make you ARC below 1000. This will make it easier for our models to walk, and for their lovely outfits to render properly. Thank you so much for your cooperation.

Start of show:

We are pleased to see you here on this lovely fall day for a showing of the exquisite designs of Alatiel Malies Wylie owner of – Elan. The designs are accessorized with beautiful jewelry from Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora, and the daring hair styles of Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice.

I am Raph Treves, a model and for today a host for IMA, and I will be your announcer.  Please ensure you have toggled your music player to listen to the tunes provided by our DJ UncleSlappy Wylie.

Our first selections feature Elan’s new casual fall designs. The beauty of the fall colors are only surpassed by the beauty of our lovely models.  Please welcome them to the runway now.

Walk 1. Casual Triple

Here is the alluring Ananya Mai displaying a stylish creation by Elan featuring the Inspiration top in purple. The design features a high collar and prim cuffs, and is worn with black denim flare pants. This is the perfect ensemble for a walk in the city on a warm fall day. The top features an intriging and flattering pattern. Ananya also wears stunning earrings from from The Donna Flora IRIDE Set. These are a stunning brushed gold, a beautiful setting for lusturous amethryst and jade stones. Her ring is ZSAZSA ring tiger purple by Donna Flora. The hair is the aluring Baiastice Lisaa in Blonde.

Next is the beautiful JoselynI Ferber modeling the Elan Inspiration black top with blue denim straight pants.  Joselyn demonstates the casual versatility of this new Elan collection. The black Inspiration blouse compliments the stylized figure of this model. The blue denim pants combine to create a casual style that can be worn day or night. The jewelry accessories are from Donna Flora are the GABRIELA necklace colors. The necklace includes a rainbow of colored stones set in lusterous gold.  Joselyn is also wearing the Donna Flora SQUARE ring saffire featuring a cluster of tiny saffires and gold balls on a gold band surrounding a large perfect square saffire. Very striking.  The hair is the exciting Baiastice Lisaa, smooth, cheerful, simple, giving a modern touch.  The shoes and belt combination complement this great design.

Completing our lovely trio is the very lovely Anna Sapphire modeling the Elan Inspiration top red and light blue denim pants. A colorful and exciting design. The jewelry accessories are from Donna Flora.  The VENUS Ruby Set, which includes a stunning  necklace and matching earrings. The design includes intricate clusters of rubies arranged in a floral pattern. The stylish hair is Baiastice Lisaa.

Thank you ladies for showing us how chic fall fashions can be.  Please give our lovely models a round of applause.

WALK  2. Single

Now we present the oh so chic Elan Venetian design modeled by the lovely Elyna Carver.  This striking grey and black  v-neck form-fitting top is extremely versatile, and perfectly compliments the playful flowing black skirt which falls above the knees.  The Venetian really does hit every note.  Elyna is also wearing stunning jewelry by Donna Flora called the Viper Set that includes a pendant necklace, matching earrings and a matching bracelet watch. Her hair style is the youthful Baiastice Lisaa.

Thank you Elyna you look incredible in this Elan design.

WALK 3. Double

Next we have Hela Azalee and Luralie Bailey  in different versions of the Frilled Top and Chic Stripes Skirts.

Take note of this Frilled top as today you will see styled in many ways.  In this run, Hela presents the Frilled Top in White with the elegant Chic Stripes skirt in rose.  The beautiful multi-layered skirt is itself a beautiful piece which is cut to perfection.  Hela is just a vision of confidence and would be the focal point of any outdoor gathering of friends in the social scene.  Hela also wears the designs of Donna Flora’s  Princess Black set and her hair is Baiastice Lissa pony attachment.

Luralie wears the Frilled top in dared and the Chic Stripes Skirt black and wouldn’t you all agree she looks completely radiant.  The combination of the deep red with the crisp white and black layers work in harmony.  Luralie has also had her hair styled into the very current ponytail look named Lissa by Baiastice.

Thank you ladies wonderful job.

WALK  4. Triple

Seashell Dench – [Frilled top Teal +  Classic Denim Brown flare]

The lovely Ananya Mai wears a sexy frilled top in a stunning dark green with the extremely versatile Classic Denim Black pants in straight leg.  The top is effortless, chic, and can be worn with shorts and skirts of different lengths.  This pretty floaty top is a must have for your Autumn wardrobe.  The incredible Donna Flora Tanya earrings, necklace, bracelet and ring has an irridescent quality and accessorizes this chic casual look giving it a wonderful glamorous edge. Ananya’s hair has been pulled into a effortless chic loose ponytail named Lisaa by Baiastice.

Joselynl presents the same frilled top in ravishing rose with the Classic Denim black pants with regular cuffs. The outfit is fresh and not one to be outdated.  She is perfectly styled for a lunch date in the city with her fellow fashionista friends.  There are no try hard looks here, just style personified.  Joselynl shimmers in the casual jewelry accessories by Donna Flora called VIOLA .  Her lovely hair is Baiasice Lissa. This comes wonderful hair style is availabe in a pack of 12 colours, one for every skin tone.

WALK 5. Triple

Anna Sapphire joins us again to present this statement combination [curious Top +  curious pants black].  The high collar and low neckline of this crisp shirt hits all the key notes of a winning design.  This top alone can be used in a variety of styles.  In this case, it is presented to you all with the curious pants in black.  The pants are high wasted and its corset-like torso is cut to cinch in the waist taking off centimeters off your middle line.  The strategically placed bronzed buttons on the torso give it a scent of military charm almost.  Anna’s hairstyle is the Lisaa ponytail by Baiastice.

Beautiful Elyna also models the Curious outfit will fly out of the – Elan Store – as they are nothing short of fierce.  Elyna sports the same outfit as Anna but with Curious pants in brown.  Again note the dominating complete look with the crisp white shirt tucked into the high waisted paints.  The loose pants flow creating a striking harem effect. The pants are then cinched into knees.  Glancing again at the top, you will note the striking high collar and puff shoulders, which really defines this look.  We applaud – Elan – for this is certain to be statement outfit for Autumn.  Elyna also wears the delicate Donna Flora Dolores black set with its shiny onyx stones and romantic black lace background. The smooth hairstyle is the Lisaa ponytail by Baiastice.

We also have Hela Azalee in the the amazing curious Top.  Studying it again also note its high ruffled collar, puff shoulders and long sleeves.  Here we have the curious pants in Blue.  Hela is also sprinked with the beautiful Donna Flora’s Pavoni set and her hair is pulled into the Lissa ponytail by Baiastice.

WALK 6. Double

Lovely Luralie Bailey models the Elan Curious top and chic striped skirt in green. The lovely blouse has a high ruffled collar, puff shoulders and long sleeves. The perky skirt has alternating layers of green and white. This design is classic in its look. Luaralie’s hairstyle is the Lisaa ponytail by Baiastice.

Seashell Dench – [curious Top +  Chic stripes skirt (green)]

WALK 7. Quad  Formal

Welcome back the lovely Ananya wearing the Original Temperance gown. She and her models fill the runway with a colorful display that rival the fall leaves.  These four dresses are named after Temperance Moonites who recently won a styling contest for – Elan –

Ananya is just eye-popping in this sexy cocktail dress with layer upon layer of pinky peach ruffled skirt, accessorized with the beautifully obi almost inspired belt in orange and sexy white tube top.  Ananya is ready to be the center of attention at any gala cocktail event, and wearing a gown like this guarantees she will be inspected within an inch of her life!  This design has been frosted with stunning Donna FLora Camila earrings, necklace and ring.  The attention to detail for this jewelry set is second to none.  Ananya’s hair is styled with a very cheeky look called Dolly by Baiastice.  The sexy fringe of hair covering one eye brings a fantastic Rhianna look. The entire ensemble is a winning combination.

The beautiful Joselyni Ferber brings us Temperance in Cyan blue. This stunning dress with white conjoined inspires calm and invites us to dream. This cheerful sophisticated design plays with the imagination. The design is complimented with elegant jewelry by Donna Flora, called JASMIN. The gems form large and small flowers, and accents the white dress perfectly. The hair is Dolly from Baiastice a modern look, but giving that touch of sensuality and elegance

The memorizing Anna is a vision of purple delight as she presents Temperance in Purple.  The contrasting obi style belt in yellow really makes the purple and outfit pop.  Anna has completed her look with Donna Flora’s  AZIZA Red Set and her hair has been blowdried into perfection with Baiastice’s Dolly hair attachment.  Anna could literally walk off this runway and slide into gala event with 100% confidence.

The beautiful Elyna is a treat for the eyes in Elan’s Temperance in Red. The stunning bountiful blouce with layers silk chiffon in red really leaves you wanting more.  Can you imagine Elyna sipping Cosmopolitans at a chic Art Gallery opening, or in the middle of Alphabet Lounge club in New York City?   Elyna’s outfit has been frosted with the gems of the Donna Flora Bettina red set.  Our stylist has maintained consistency with all the models with Elyna wearing the sensuous elegant Dolly hair by Baiastice.

Thank you ladies for another wonderful display of these Elan designs.

WALK 8. Single

That concludes the casual designs portion of our show. Welcome our models back onto the runway in more formal attire.

Welcome the glamourous Hela in the Elan Wild Cocktail dress. The stylish blouse feature a ruffled extremely low-cut neckline with puff shoulders and a high collar. The unique white skirt features splashes of blue, black and silver in a figure flattering pattern. The design creates a faux hobble skirt effect with white ruffles ending just below the knees. A stunning design. Her hair is Dolly by Baiastince.

Thank you Hela for showing us this wonderful design.

WALK 9. Single

The chic and exciting Luralie Bailey displays an amazing Elan design called Printed. This lovely gown has wonderful flowing lines. The wrapping blue and black and white pattern top bares one shoulder. The skirt continues the black print pattern of the top. The design is a faux hobble skirt floor length and formal. The jewlry accessories are provided by Donna Flora. The necklace The hair style is the elegant Dolly hair by Baiastice.

Well done Luralie, thank you.

Walk 10. Single

Seashell Dench – [Twilight]


Ladies and gentlemen we hope you have enjoyed our fashion show today. Please welcome our beautiful models back onto the runway for one last look at these amazing Elan designs.

~~ The ravishing Ananya Mai ~~

~~ Lovelies Elyna Carver and Anna Sapphire  ~~

~~ Beautiful ladies JoselynI Ferber and Seashell Dench ~~

~~ And the amazing Luralie Bailey and Hela Azalee  ~~

And now, please welcome the Designer of these amazing fashions Alatiel Malies! to the runway. Thank you Alatiel for creating an amazing Fall line.

None of this would be possible without our amazing owners and Staff!  Let’s hear another round of applause for IMA Owner’s Ananya Mai and Francesca Von Galtier, Host Raphael Treves,  and DJ UncleSlappy Wylie.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your attendence. We look forward to seeing you again at our next IMA Production. Please visit Elan to see the amazing designs showcased here today.

IMA Inc Presents -Elan- Fall in the City 8 October 2011


PR CONTACT: Ananya Mai

Official Press Release

International Model Agency is proud to present Fall in the City with -Elan- where the dazzling IMA Inc Models will float down the paths of a beautiful hidden city surrounded by all the colours of fall.  The experienced designer Alatiel Malies has been lovingly putting together a brand new collection never to be seen before!  Alatiel was inspired by the colours of twilight, think beautiful blues, black, grey and white and the by-product of which are very wearable unique pieces that will take you through the day and with gowns with cutting edge designs.  This show is one not to be missed!

IMA Inc models will also be sporting fabulous hair from Baiastice and will be frosted with jewels from the the award winning label Donna Flora.

Please make sure you turn up early to reserve your seat.

Date: Saturday, 8 October 2011

Time: Music starts 12.30pmslt Show Starts: 1pmslt


Anna Sapphire

Elyna Carver

Hela Azalee

joselynI Ferber

Luralie Bailey

Seashell Dench

Host: Raphael Treves

Script writer: Paisley Lancaster

Show Producer: Ananya Mai

DJ: UncleSlappy Wylie

Show photographer: Anabella Ravinelli

International Model Agency Inc. IMA Inc.

Powered by Pasarella and Inworld Inc.

“Pretty Bald in Pink” Photo Campaign 2011


According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), a woman in the United States is diagnosed with breast cancer every three minutes, and every year approximately 50,000 die from this disease.

For this reason we would like to introduce the “Pretty Bald in Pink” Photo CAMPAIGN

This campaign will show some of the most important fashion figures on the grid going bald to show support for the cause.

The idea is not to raise money, but to raise conscience and awareness about a subject that concern us all, to some more direct than to others.

If you wish to take part of this campaign follow this simple steps.

1. Style yourself in any style you would like to portray. Groups, Couples or singles are accepted.

2. Get completely bald, we mean absolutely no hair on your head.

3. IM one of the photographers in the campaign and ask for an appointment and ask him/her for the pink ribbon and add it to the style you already created.

4. Pass the word around.

These campaign will run only on October, so make sure you make your appointment before the month is over.

To join the in-world group copy and paste this following link into Local Chat and join.

All Images will be added to the “Pretty Bald in Pink” Flickr Group and emailed to those that ask for it.

For a Pink World Without Breast Cancer.

Information about the campaign, photographer applications and more:
LovelyMiwako7399 Menna
“Pretty Bald in Pink” Campaign Director & Photographer.

LovelyMiwako7399 Menna
Spartin Parx
Lulu Breuer
Dasia Mocha
marir Parkin
Anabella Ravinelli

Lovely Mi
House of Europe
O-Glam INC.
Skip Staheli Photographer
IMA Inc.
Faster Pussycat
.::MORPHINE Poses::.
The Magazine
Costa Rica Sims

International Model Agency Inc (IMA Inc) presented DEFIANCE : ETRE VOUS Skin Show 2011.




International Model Agency Inc (IMA Inc)  presented DEFIANCE : ETRE VOUS Skin Show 2011.

All pictures (175!!) can be found here

Show Photographer:Anabella Ravinelli

Designers Supporting:







Hair by *Plume*

Show Producer: Markski Glom

DJ:  Dj Thorn


Hadaluna Daines

Irina Strazytski

Ivara Lexington

Katherine Comet

Mahyeri Resident

Pheobe Narstrom

Roselle Amorosi

Sheldon Kranfel

International Model Agency Inc (IMA Inc) presents DEFIANCE : ETRE VOUS Skin Show 2011.


International Model Agency Inc (IMA Inc)  presents DEFIANCE : ETRE VOUS Skin Show 2011.

We would like to invite all of you to take part in this very sizzling event. Cold winds coming will not stop us from having a very steamy and hot show. With the new releases from some of Sl’s awesome skin designers we bring you a season of unmasking your deepest most intimate desires expressed through fashion and art.

Designers Supporting:







With awesome beats from Dj Thorn



For more inquiries on the show please IM Markski Glom, Antoniaxp Resident, or Ananya Mai