Markski Glom

Rezz Date: 9th September 2009
Gender: Male
Timezone: Philippines (SLT +13 hours)
Model since: January 2010
About me:
I am a professional model in SL and a photographer .I have been modeling since January 2010 and has been involved with different agencies and stores. Exploring different styles and fashion trends is my greatest passion. My dream is to become one of the most significant Male models in Secondlife. I push myself to the best of my abilities to provide my employers my full quality work on and off the runway. Interested to new venues where I can express my love for art and modeling. I am a very sociable person, and dedicated to my priorities especially for my art. I am currently married to the beautiful Coco Giddens. And with her I explore my Secondlife.
I am available for RUNWAY,PRINT (Photoshoots, magazines, etc.), SHOWS and EMERGENCY SHOWS(back up roles) . ^_^
Current agencies:
Model for Maritima Inc.
Model for MA Modeling Academy and Agency
Prime Model for Farouche Tres Modeling Agency
Model for International Model Agency
Model for Project Solo2 Fashion Agency
Graduated Model in MA Modeling Agency and Academy (2010)
Representative model for Farouche Tres Magazine April -2010
Other Affiliations:
MG Photography
Owner & Photographer (2010)
Finesmith Designs
Manager (2010- up to present)