Cornelia Dyrssen

My name is Cornelia Dyrssen. I first came to sl in 07/31/2007
My intrests are photographing and modelling.
These two are the things what i do most of my time.
I have learned many things from start and i never stop if there is something i really want.
I am a persion like everyone else, but every people has their own talents.
Im proud to know many things now and share some things with my friends.
I really love to hang out with my friends and if they are good to me i be same to them.
Im cheerful and nice. If someone hurts me badly then its their own problem.
I try to be nicest as i can. I really love to have great moments with my great friends and they
always be my greatest friends.
*I am proud winner of JCNY ModelFest Top Model September 2010.
*JCNY Showcase model for so so long time.
*Been a model in some JCNY fashion shows.
*Been photographer since January. ( i am selftrained )
Shopping!! ( shopaholic 😀 )