Cieleste Magic

My name is Cieleste Magic and I was drawn into the world of Second Life on 10/17/08. Although I love the feeling, the number of notable accomplishments I attain is not what matters to me the most, what I really love is styling and having the honor to display designers’ works of art. Therefore, my goal is to reach my fullest potential in being able to portray a designers’ vision and to do their works justice. I think the best aspect of me is that I am a very quick learner. Although I don’t have any formal training, I have learned well on my own and from models around me and is always willing to learn more. This has gotten me to become SL’s Next Top Model 2010 Winner, an Agnes Finney My Precious Queen 2011 Finalist and MVW 2011 Miss Taiwan. In real life, I am proudly Chinese, which is reflected in my avatar. My regular skin of choice is the Taylor skins from League. Rarely is my hair a color other than black and brown. My shape is uniquely my own, created by myself from hundreds of times of editing and tweaking to my satisfaction. I aimed for a perfect balance in my body and unique features in the face.

> LIKES (in addition to modeling) <
Basic Building