IMA at the International Modelling Convention 4pm 24 September 2010

It was a fantastic show at a fantastic event!

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Photography by Olyvia DeCuir see her flickr here
Script from Show below  🙂
International Modeling Agency (IMA), aims to provide a genuine alternative for truly innovative designers to present their work directly to the public and fashion industry. Our agency aims to assist and manage the public relations and promotional needs of Second Life designers.
Our Agency, Agencia Internacional de Modelo, started its path almost a year ago, through the conversations of several students of modeling, all with a vision and love of fashion.
In the end four women have emerged as founders and owners of IMA:
Ananaya Mai,  Cecilia Verrazzano, Genevieve Kamala, Heydon Milter.
We share responsibilities and duties, as well as laughter and fun times; we want you to have a good time with our showcase. Please relax, detach huds/aos and attachments and enjoy the music provided by our great DJ Amar Coronet.
We are IMA and we welcome you all in our world!
On the screens you will see images from some of our shows, which we tailor to each different occasion with new runways and especially created sets.
Today we want to show you some pieces from two of our designers, whom we like to work in close contact with, especially new designers who can light up our imagination and we can best serve their work on the runway when the sparkle of imagination has been set to fire.
We are also very proud to have some special and creative sponsors today:
Dona Flora Jewels, Aleida Shoes and Avion Cosmetics. These talented creators add shine and beauty to the runway today with their imagination and visions of fashion.
Our fabulous host today is Janina Scarmon who will introduce to you the beauties on stage! Welcome Janina!
We are honored to wear today the beautiful creations of Donna Flora, whose vision and taste, as well as incredible craft add allure to all our outfits.
Donna Flora brand is a pure style blend,  in an eclectic interpretation of vintage, glamor, luxury, all mixed up with a hint of irony.
The designer, Squinternet Larnia, gained her success in these years with her iconic dresses, an essential for stylish women the SL world over.
Plus, consider her responsible for resurrecting the choker …and making the word ‘chandelier’ mean more than just a fancy light fixture: Donna Flora, as costume jewelry designer, is the perfect brand for those exquisite necklaces, chokers, bracelets and earrings that could have been raided from your grandmother’s jewelry box.
It’s in this timeless, old-world charm the secret that appeals a constantly growing party of aficionados fashionistas!
Our Models today wear Aleida’s shoes, adding a delicate, sparkling touch to their walks.
What Aleida Rhode brings to her new brand is a reflection of her SL personality…multiple talents, experiences and interests.
A combination of the photographer’s eye (Winner SCRULPZ magazine 50K contest – “Show us your Sunshine”) and an elite fashion model’s good taste (Modavia Models) allows her to create casual and elegant, sexy and formal, and intimate and outrageous.
She designs exquisite pumps, ballerinas, and boots which can be worn anywhere and with anything…as they demonstrate SL’s vast color rainbow.
Avion Cosmetics is a premier cosmetic company, and host of the vanity tour, a star studded cast who contribute to industry events, fashion and glamor across SecondLife.
Amazing lashes and make up, special collections and one of a kind items!
The Vanity HUD is a professional cosmetic tool for women and metro men.
Packing mascara, hair dye applicators, jewel tinting, facial lighting,
quick poses , optional ZHAO-AO and Color Matching features,
the Vanity HUD brings your cosmetic apparel and accessories to a new level
with 6 dozen colors on palette and RGB brush for hundreds of unique
hues and shades.
Our first designer today is Miria Moonbeam of Moonbeam Fashion.
Miria has a dream like quality in her work, a vision of beauty and femininity that is soft and delicate yet powerful and present, with a touch of vintage in some of her work.
Our host today is the beautiful Janina Scarmon who wears
Ashley   Un Abito con gonna a sirena in una calda fantasia oro. Cintura in vita a fiori e stessi fiori li ritroviamo ad abbellire il decoltè.
Ashley  is a  Mermaid Dress with skirt in a warm gold texture.  Waist belt with
flowers and flowers around  the cleavage.
Janina looks stunning in this very light golden sleeveless dress with matching gloves. Any woman will feel like a princess ready for her first elegant ball. The soufflé prims of the top give the dress a sophisticated and angelic look.
Janina has chosen Dona Flora Deco  Topaz set  to accentuate the glowing feeling of the dress,  Hoima stiletto in cream by Aleida and Avion Daystruck Lashes in Black.
This is Moonbeam latest creation and one of a kind piece.
Especially created for this occasion is the fitting piece to open our show today.
Worn by Genevieve we have here an amazing intricate lace knotted dress, as impalpable as the night in which a lady may choose to go to a ball.
Sensual and daring yet demure, Lacy Butterfly is an amazing piece and will certainly create a wave of admiration wherever you may choose to wear it.
Here Genevieve has chosen to show it complemented by Donna Flora Irene Silver set that so delicately complements the lacy feeling of the dress. She also wears Aleida  Hoima stiletto in soft warm red, completing the look  is the Avion Eyeshadow Asian paint Pink and Shine, Secret Lashes
Ananya looks fresh and vibrant in  Clodette , a fun and colorful dress. The texture is a pattern with turquoise color as a   predominant note.  This is a vaguely retro mini sculpt and can be resized.
Spiritoso e colorato mini abito. Texture con una fantasia con colore turchese predominante è  vagamente retrò, mini sculpt e resize.
This is little teaser and would be the perfect frock for a nightclub event.  Ananya has teamed Clodette  with the dazzling blue AIME jewelry set from Donna Flora which consists of a gorgeous blue necklace and matching earrings.
Ananya wears Avion – Lashes  – Black – Seduce and Aleida Moshit Ankleboots in charcoal.. and she really does look a treat!
Heydon graces the runway wearing Claudia, a pretty dress in two versions: flexi skirts and bubble skirts. The top has a characteristic asymmetric neckline on the back. Hedyon has chosen to wear it in black and with the bubble skirt.
Claudia is also sold in red, azul, lilac and pink.
Claudia è un grazioso abito in due versioni: gonna flexy e gonna a palloncino. Il top ha una caratteristica scolaltura asimmetrica sulla schiena.     Claudia è venduto anche in Red, Azul, Lilac e Pink.
Heydon here wears the Adele set in onyx by Donna Flora, Aleida Hoima stiletto in charcoal and Avion Lashes Metal.
Claudia black is a fashion forward cocktail dress with white sequins and a coutured blossomed ruffle skirt. The top features a classic plunging v-neck with a deep slanted black exposing the shoulders. The ruffled skirt has beautiful ruffled blossoms around the hemline with smaller ones to match the waist. Heads will turn to get a look at Claudia Black.
Precious enters in Kiky a sophisticated dress day with an exquisite floral interior, a strap with silver buckle and a  jacket  that can be resized.
Kiky – Raffinato abito da giorno composto da un abito interno con una raffinata fantasia floreale, una cinturina con fibbia argentata e un bomber resize in texture chiara. Anche per questa mise abbiamo la borsetta abbinabile e venduta separatamente.
Precious has chosen to style this dress with Donna Flora  Alina Blackset, Aleida  Moyo Pumps in black and Avion Runway Lashes.
We are glad to welcome Precious here as our Model Director, we look forward to working with her in the coming months.
Genevieve returns in Monia a new dress by Moonbeam, a black formal long dress with a magnificent train, a low cut back that is daring and sensual yet elegant. The whole attire has a vintage taste to it, accented by Donna Flora
Deco Black set, Aleida Hoima Stiletto in charcoal, and Avion Lashes Mascara Parade
This beautiful dress will complement your wardrobe and attract many comments. This dress will be available for sale right  after the showcase.
A dream in gray and purple, this is the vision of Ananya returning now on the stage.  Sabrina has full length skirt with an elegant and warm sculpted jacket for those winter nights. a purple layer creates a shimmering effect, so that the gown looks different from every angle.
Sabrina is an outfit  sure to impress those with an Avant Garde heart consisting of a gorgeous bolero, dazzling long skirt with a daring thigh high slit and sexy midriff top.
Ananya has strategically teamed Sabrina with the DOLORES purple earrings and necklace by Donna Flora and Aleida Moshi Ankleboots in charcoal.
Note the exotic lashes of love she proudly wears which are called Avion – Lashes – Natural and Gold.
Heydon is ready for a night of sensual dances in an Argentinina Milonga in this beautiful and sensual  black dress.
Heydon Milter wears Tango by Miria Moonbeam. Tango all black design is contrasted beautifully by pink roses. There are roses along the front, waist and one at the base of her back — and even tiny flowers on at the buckles of the included heels. The top is a deep v-neck with an inverter v-cut design from mid torso down to the waist. The skirt in Tango shimmers like silk. A perfect dress for a full fill night of dancing.
Heydon has complemented  her outfit with Donna Flora  Venus Coral Set and Avion Lashes metal.
Abito in fantasia floreale in due versioni. Disponibile anche in Black, Gold, Green, Red e Blu.
Hashanty Lilac – floral dress in two versions. You can enjoy the day or cocktail version, with wide and soft knee length skirt and scarf stop the epaulettes of a flower, or the mermaid version for the evening. Also available in Black, Gold, Green, Red and Blue.
Preciouss Metall enters the runway wearing another Miria Moonbeam creation. Hashant Lilac gown can be worn with a short skirt too. This lovely lilac gown adorned with an off the shoulder top with a prim flower on the shoulder and long draped flowing sheer matching panels. The skirt is tight fitting with a flowing skirt at the bottom.
Preciouss is wearing Di’s pumps by Aleida in Mistyrose, Dolores purple set necklace and earrings by donna flora, and runway eyelashes by Avion Cosmetics.
With its shoulder flower and scarf flowing down the back, Preciouss looks alluring and soft at the same time.
Preciouss has completed her look with Donna Flora Dolores Purple set,  Aleida Di’s Pump Mistyrose and runway lashes by Avion.
And now let’s applaud again all the models of Moonbeam Show! and our designer  Miria Moonbeam.

Enjoy the music and get ready for the second part of the IMA showcase


While our models get changed for the evolve show, we would like to give you the opportunity to know us a little better, so here we introduce you the owners of IMA:


Ananya’s vision for IMA is really for a place of solace and knowledge for all aspiring models and experienced models.  Ananya fell in love with the SL industry when she saw a fashion show over a year ago.

Ananya has worked with many models where their puppeteers are sick or from less than desirable rl situations and made many friends.  Ananya would like to ensure that IMA is a place where you are looked after, where skills are recognized and developed.  Ananya believes that the SL fashion industry and associated community is the most exciting and ALIVE place to be and would love to expand this community so that more events are held during her Australian time zone so more Aussies can participate.


Hello. My name is Heydon Milter. I am the Agency’s Administrator. I handle the money, pay models, make sure the tier is paid, and I build the runways, buildings and anything else required. I have enjoyed my work at IMA. It is very rewarding. I embrace a challenge, diversity and love to explore new ideas. I have been modeling for almost a year. I’ve made many friends. I have never laughed so much. I am a hard working, responsible woman. I’m down to earth and I love a good joke. Oh, and I LOVE to shop!!


I am in love with beauty, a never ending affair, with the same exquisite joys and pains of an unrequited love. I came to SL and found this amazing world of fashion, where creativity is free. I encountered many teachers and artists along the way and was then intrigued by the possibilities of a modeling agency, where also my imagination could be expressed.

I have become a model, I am in charge of creating our future school, and today I am the show director, I do hope you will enjoy the music, the fashion and our approach to sl. Thank you.


Cecilia is not with us today. She is our CEO and founder. Cecilia had the vision that has brought us all here. We are grateful and happy that she graces our lives with her smiling bubbly energy and joy of life, besides her skills as model and show director.

We also asked our Model Director for a few words on fashion and IMA


It is a pleasure to introduce  Preciouss Metall, IMA’s new Model Director and model for the agency.

Preciouss  enjoys working with the amazing models and staff at IMA.

Preciouss has successfully  been modeling for almost 2 years now and  loves modeling and showcasing amazing designs from SL’s wonderful designers and creators. She is a hard working model always helping her fellow models and friends, building, designing, doing photography and just hanging out having fun.

And our host extraordinaire Janina also will add some comments here:


Janina has been working in fashion for 2 years, collecting many successes along the way, it is our great pleasure to have her in IMA.


E V O L V E     S H O W

Here we see our host Janina enter the stage in Heritage a new outfit created by Reign Congrejo, our beautiful and talented designer.

Her amazing work is a tribute to strength and  femininity.  Her vision goes well beyond the usual boundaries of fashion.

We invite you to a feast of colors and vibrant life.

Here Janina wears HERITAGE

Luxurious gown in variations of blue and white with a mermaid lower skirt…. reminds one of the the waves on a Caribbean beach.  The bodice is accented by a lovely ruffle that extends over the one shoulder and around the rest of the upper bodice.  The gown comes with a luminous pastel blue body veil that adds even more beauty to the gown.

Accessorized with Donna Flora’s JOIO color changing set. Holma Stilettos in Turquoise from Aleida, and Avion Lashes in Metal.


Ananya Mai now presents Bitton from Evolve, a chic couture dress with a color palette fit for the masters of the Impressionist period. The placement of the colors in Bitton are dazzling. The red, green, and yellow make Bitton eye candy, that is certain. The top has a décolleté neckline featuring slightly extended shoulder sleeves. At the waist is two layered skirt. Then the main skirt goes to the knees presenting an uneven hemline to the front.

Bitton is complemented here by Ananya with Gabriela necklace coral, and Hoima charcoal stiletto by Aleida,


Precious appears on stage in a vision of blue to widen the horizon of magnificent colours offered by Evolve vision.

Sequoia  is a dress inspired by a professor of designer Reign Congrejo of Evolve. This dress featuring a sleeveless top with a high neckline, and multi-tiered floor length skirt in blue with white accents on the skirt panels and a matching shawl worn from the left shoulder down the right just above the hip.

Preciouss is wearing the Jaden Diamonds eyelashes which were colored to match the Sequoia dress using the new Vanity HUD by Avion Cosmetics. Also Preciouss is wearing Monia a matching necklace and earrings set by Donna Flora, and Hoima Stilettos in silver by Aleida.


Heydon Milter continues to dazzle us presenting  Claire by Evolve.

In a stunning red shade, Claire is a couture dress for looking your best.

The off the shoulder bodice is made with red roses. The liberal use of pleats is used in the skirt. It flows like wonderfully when walking. Claire is wonderfully stylish and very becoming.

Heydon has added Donna Flora Monia set, Aleida Di’s pump in red and Avion Lashes Metal.


Genevieve Kamala wears the very graceful Floetry from Evolve. This evening gown is ripe for summer wear. A strapless top with plunging neckline Floetry’s white, lavender and red splashes dominate the styling. A pleated full length skirt completes this ensemble.   An unforgettable vision of strength and beauty.

This vibrant dress is completed by  Donna Flora Andrea set, Aleida hoima stiletto in slater, and Avion Eyeshadow Collectors L.E. desert with Avion Lashes Mascara Seduce.


This dress is a feast for the eyes, so colorful and joyous, suggests beautiful sunny days even in the middle of winter!

On her last walk down the runway we have Preciouss wearing Astoria by designer Reign Congrejo of Evolve. This beautiful white and red gown featuring a strapless bodice with a fringed adorned shoulder strap. The gown features and tight fitting skirt with flowing panels at the bottom and matching gloves.

Preciouss is wearing Hoima Stilettos in Red by Aleida, NOA a matching tier flowered necklace set by Donna Flora, and  Runway eyelashes colored using the new Vanity hud by Avion Cosmetics.


Like an orchid, Heydon gives us Sherry Hill by Evolve. Sherry Hill has a definite and elegant floral motif. The strapless top is adorned with a leafy-green fringed bodice. The midriff has amazing floral patterns encircling. The hips have a floral belt again with sewn in leaves.

This is extraordinary fashion from Reign Congrejo. The skirt is tight fitting with orchid-like flowers sewn in below the knees. The finishing touch to Sherry Hill is the flared hemline in dazzling lavender, green and emerald.

This beautiful dress is enhanced by Heydon choices Donna Flor Matilda Silver set, Avion Lashes Metal.


Ananya Mail wears a dress in her namesake, Ananya Mai. Reign Congrejo made for her this wonderful red gown. It features a classic bodice with a red sheer top and flared cuffs on the sleeves. The fringes and hemline are frosted with white trim. The midriff is left bare. A wonderful compliment for a very elegant look.

Ananya is a force to be reckoned with on any dance-floor or gala event in this knock out piece.

This dress works perfectly with the Adele Red Floral earrings and necklace by Donna Flora,  Moshi Ankleboots Red by Aleida tie the outfit together effortlessly.. and finally.. zoom into Ananya’s eyes and you will see they are caressed by Avion – Lashes – Fire Emerald


Genevieve returns bringing even more sparkle to this amazing show of beauty!

Like a summer sky, just before dark, full of stars already and with promises to be fulfilled.  This is a queen on stage, as is our creator Reign Congrejo.

a delicate transparent top, a flowing dancing skirt and the magic can begin, the star studded colour does the rest.

This incredible ensemble is  enhanced by  Donna Flora Drops,  Aleida Hoima stiletto in silver,  Avion eye shadow Special Edition Nightshade and  Artic Tiger Lashes tinted with the Vanity  HUD to match the outfit.

This completes our showcase for today and we want to thank Genevieve on stage, our show director, and call back the models on stage:

Ananya Mai

Hedyon Milter

Preciouss Metall

We also invite Reign Congrejo with us,

and thank again our amazing DJ Amar Coronet,  our super host Janina Scarmon






Photography by Olyvia DeCuir see her flickr here.