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Some info on  BuenaVista Photography below!

We are a partnership of three friends who each have a passion for photography.  We have joined our skills to be able to provide high quality photographic services with the needs of our customers in mind. Your satisfaction matters to us.

Quality photography in SL involves a much more than "focus, shot, and upload." We begin with high quality graphics equipment in order to capture high quality raw photos.  We use our experience in working with the SL environmental settings to get the proper lighting to take great raw photos.  And then, when necessary or desired, we can enhance the raw photos with special effects, text, and multiple pose images.  Our prices reflect the time and skill required to capture great raw photos and then  to make enhancements to the raw photos.  If you want something that is not in our basic price list, or if you have a special situation, please discuss it with us. – don’t be afraid to ask.

Please take time to wander around our studio and gallery, take a close look at the examples of our work. We believe you will see the quality of our work, and the care in our work to capture feelings and emotions. Although we do lots of photo shop work, you will notice that we tend to do a lot of "realistic" work.  We can meet your needs, you just need to help us know what it is that you want.

We have 100’s of  individual poses (both male and female) and our collection of couple and group poses is growing. We  offer lots of backgrounds from which you may chose or if you prefer, we’ll make the choice for you. And we can add special effect to meet your desires.  We are available for both "on location" shots as well as "studio" shots. We also offer a wide variety of "on location sites,"  beautiful sims that we have personally visited or sought out in SL for your options. And we are willing to meet you at a location of your choice – perhaps your home, or a favorite romantic hideaway. We will work with you and help you.

We look forward to being your choice for all of your photography needs!

Cali Rajal – Photographer and Business Manager

Dante Palianta- Backup photographer and Master Photo Editor

Locked Semaphore – Photographer and Photo Editor

Please address any questions to Cali Rajal. Please use a note card if Cali is not online – her IMs get capped.
================================================                                PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICE PRICES

Please Note: An $350 appointment fee applies to all individual and couples photography sessions for prearranged appointment times. The fee must be paid when you make your appointment and will be deducted off of the price of your first picture. There will be no refunds or credit for no shows.  If you miss a scheduled appointment, we will work with you to try to reschedule at a time that is mutually convenient.

INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS: Profile pics or other pics with a single avatar.                (custom frame provided with 3 or more photos)                    1 pose    Single snapshot – no editing              L$100        1 pose     Profile Picture – crop &  name            L$350        1 pose    Photo shopped Photo                           L$400        2 pose     Photo shopped Photos                        L$700        3 pose     Photo shopped Photos                         L$1000        5 pose     Photo shopped Photos                         L$1700        10 pose    Photo shopped Photos                       L$3000

CONTEST PHOTOS:                     1 pose

Photo shopped Photo    L$1000

Note:     Because contest photos require considerably more work, we charge $L1000 each pose, and may possibly refer you to another photographer if we think we can’t do the most excellent job you need.


Head shot and full body shot will be included. Models must have outfits (including all accessories) prepared in advance. All model portfolios are copy/trans.  Includes custom book cover.                     5 pose    Photo shopped Photos                L$1800        10 pose    Photo shopped Photos             L$3000        15 pose    Photo shopped Photos             L$4000        20 pose    Photo shopped Photos             L$5000                                    COUPLES and GROUP PHOTOS                **Add $200 per person for every avitar over 2 avitars in a group.                    1 pose    Photo shopped Photo            L$500        2 pose     Photo shopped Photo           L$900        3 pose     Photo shopped Photos          L$1250        5 pose     Photo shopped Photos          L$1850        10 pose    Photo shopped Photos        L$3500

REGULAR WEDDING PACKAGES:                 We believe we offer a "different" type of wedding package than traditional SL photographers.                We understand how important this day is to you, and we understand that there is no "do over".  We will, of course, capture all of those special moments for you, the "traditional" moments you expect. But, in addition,  we will also be there to take pictures at the wedding rehearsal, before the wedding as your guests arrive, before the wedding as the groom stands nervously with the groomsmen, before the wedding as the bride waits anxiously with the bridesmaids, during the wedding, and after the wedding at the reception.  We will be sure to take pictures of people in the wedding party and special friends who have attended the wedding and the reception.  If you are using a wedding planner, we will work with the wedding planner to be sure all special events and "Kodak moments" are captured.

We will customize our services to your individual needs.

Base package price includes:                    1 hour* rehearsal time                2 hours* pre-wedding, wedding and reception time (we normally bring two photographers)                "Proof" pictures (raw photos) of ALL pictures taken up to 100 pictures. If more than 100 pictures are taken, we will chose the best of the RAW photos.  If you wish, we will upload additional pictures at our cost,  L$10 per picture. (We take a LOT of pictures.) Pictures provided with full permissions in frame that may be rezzed and hung on the a wall of your home or apartment.

Final "Wedding Album".  The final album will include pictures of your choice. Some of the pictures in the "Wedding Album" will be photo shopped and enhanced based on the package you select.  Enhancement may include names, special effects, backgrounds, etc.  We will work with you to be sure you get the Wedding Album of your dreams, and a reminder of memories you cherish.

L$5000    10  enhanced pictures (typically 5 ceremony, 5 reception)            L$7000    20  enhanced pictures (typically 5 pre ceremony formal shots,                          5 ceremony, 5 reception, 5 wedding party)            L$8000    30 enhanced pictures (typically 5 engagement/rehearsal,                           5 pre-ceremony,  5 ceremony, 5 reception, 5 wedding party,                           5 misc.)                        * Cost for additional time is at the rate of L$700 per hour for one photographer or L$1000 per hour for two photographers. Large wedding parties take more time to photograph – more people to manage.  Please adjust your time expectations accordingly.                                            Additional Wedding Package Considerations:                    * Cost for enhanced photos beyond the base package price is at the rate of L$200 per photo.                * Arrangements may be made for studio pictures of the bride, groom,  bride and groom, or wedding party at discounted prices from our individual, couples, and group rates.                *A nonrefundable 50% deposit is needed for all weddings at the time of booking the wedding.  And additional 25% is due the day the wedding, and the remaining 25% is due when the photos are delivered.                 *Please note that large wedding packages take more time for enhanced pictures.                              SMALL WEDDING PACKAGE:                     L$1500 per/hr     Package – Untouched (Raw) Photos                     1  photographer. Additional fee charged one minute after the hour.               $10 per pic    Upload Charge.   Photos are full perm and given in a folder.             * Cost for additional time is at the rate of L$700 per hour for one                 photographer or L$1000 per hour for two photographers.                                       ADVERSTISEMENTS:                    1    1024 by 1024 Ad                   L$1000        1    2048 by 1024 Ad                   L$1500                    SPECIAL SERVICES:                        Business Logos                           L$1500            Invitations                                     L$1000            Announcements                          L$1000            Photo Album                                 L$500            *Image Consulting                     L$700/hour            **Image consulting includes a meeting with either Cali Rajal or Locked Semaphore who will assist you with preparing for the shoot (including putting outfits together, accessories, etc.)                        We are also available for parties, vendors, and club shoots.  Prices will be quoted during a consultation and you will receive a volume discount based on your needs and time required.


The studio does not refund any deposits.  If the scheduled appointment  is canceled, pending on the circumstance it will be rescheduled.  You will be given the chance to preview your images before final purchase.  No modifications will be made after final payment is made.


For all pictures/textures, you will receive full permissions (mod/copy/transfer).

Profile pictures and logo designs will be given to you in two different formats.  For profile pictures, you will receive one specifically formatted for your main profile picture area and another that has been formatted to fit a profile pick area. The profile pick picture is the one that you may give to friends or use as a business card/texture.

Portfolios/Albums/Picture frames are no modify, but may be copied and transferred.


All photos will be photo shopped as we deem necessary for the intent and purpose of the photography session. We take high quality raw photos.

All Photographs on display in the  studio and gallery are meant to serve as samples of the quality of our work.  We cannot make exact duplicates of these photographs, however, we will be happy to use them as a guide to make something similar.

BuenaVista Studio reserves the right to use any works produced in the BuenaVista Studio or Gallery, or in advertising, or on the websites unless explicitly asked not to by the client in writing.  All upload charges are included in the prices listed above unless specifically indicated otherwise.  All photography is saved for one year before being permanently deleted, and is available to you free of charge if you lose your photos.